Fraud Warnings about Auction Websites


Snakes & Arrows Tour - Neil's Personal Model

A particular amount of these specially printed drumsticks were stolen  from Mr. Peart during the tour.  This thief is selling them on a popular auction website.
He is selling them in both unused and used conditions.  Albeit the unused drumsticks are legit, it is the used sticks raising notice.  This individual is taking
pairs of the mint sticks and roughing them up himself on a drum kit to make them appear used by Mr. Peart.  The individual has sold about four to five
"used" pairs that I managed to catch notice of on the auction website.  I have been able to inspect in hand two different pairs from this individual and
one other pair from detailed photos and have determined the pairs to be false in the claim of usage by Mr. Peart.  So please be aware that when this
individual sends you to this website to reference the authenticity of his product that what you are getting may not truly be just that ...
unused sticks are legit while the used sticks most likely are not legit.

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